Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Carlos Esguerra

I had never met Carlos Esguerra before this 2010 fall colours photo tour and was not familiar his work. During the first evening of the tour we all showed a portfolio of work. When Carlos showed his architectural abstractions and especially his work with Frank Gehry designed buildings , I was blown away! The man has a fine eye for line and design and really showcased Frank Gehry’s unique architecture in the best light. I was intrigued by what Carlos would create with his eye for the abstract in the natural environment of the Canadian Rockies. Below is some of what he came up with, to see even more go to Carlos’ Rockies gallery.

©Carlos Esguerra

©Carlos Esguerra

©Carlos Esguerra

©Carlos Esguerra

©Carlos Esguerra

©Carlos Esguerra


4 Responses to “Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Carlos Esguerra”

  1. As an Instructor on fine art photographic workshops thruout the West in the 90’s , Carlos attended 4 or 5 of our Expeditions, shooting principly the Hassy 500CM. It became increasiling apparent that Carlos had that rarest of aspiring photographers qualities….a natural eye to previsualize and capture 3 dimensional beauty onto two dimensional media..to that fine perception point wherein the viewer immediately is drawn into and a part of the resultant image. Over the years Carlos and I have enjoyed a great friendship and am rewarded often with his truly outstanding mastery of the art.

  2. Peter Calamai Says:

    Many thanks for introducing me to the work of Carlos Esguerra. He certainly does have a “natural eye.” What he accomplished with wheat fields in the Palouse region of Washington State was inspiring.

  3. What fine work! I’m amazed at how the last image looks like hands catching the water.

  4. Carlos is a fellow alumni of mine from the University of the Philippines. We miss him in our alumni work, but, personally, I am proud to see him having moved on to pursue the world of Fine Arts in Photography.
    Carlos…You are an inspiration to all particularly to retirees, that there’s really a whole new world to discover after retirement, the Act Two in our life. “MABUHAY” …Long Live Carlos.

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