The Daily Snap – October 16

©Darwin Wiggett

I snapped this photo of a bolt on one of the guardrails along the Icefields Parkway. I know, I know, everyone else was taking big grand scenics of mountains and aspen trees and I was was playing with my G11 on the highway. I might need help.


12 Responses to “The Daily Snap – October 16”

  1. I can relate to your frame of Mind!
    at work I’m taking photo’s constantly, specially cool macro shots like you got here!

    here’s one of the microphone cord on the radio

  2. hmmm…rebelling against the grand scenic?

    Love this shot. The texture seems so real I want to reach out and touch it.
    (Dang! More fingerprints on the monitor!)

  3. I Love the small intimate world of macro photography……there’s so much to see and to get so close just opens yours eyes to a whole new canvas to what we can capture…..that G11 is an amazing little camera…and glad to see you are having a ball with it!!!!!

  4. I’ve got insider information from Canon Japan’s skunk works division. For 2011, the Canon G13 DW! 21MP FF sensor, 8-200mm tilt/shift zoom (L-series, natch).
    Comes in either ‘safety Sam orange fluo’ or ‘granola bar scented camo’. The flip-out screen doubles as a refrigerated drink coaster!

  5. The transition from warm to cold is awesome

  6. Found objects, and extraneous detail that might be overlooked, sometimes make great images. I was capturing a bird of paradise plant in my backyard one day, intrigued by the large leaves, and then my eye caught an adjacent stump of what used to be a fully grown plant:

  7. You might need help with that G11? 😉

    Apart from the beautiful detail and tones, I like the mysteriousness of the undiscovered story behind the gouging on the bolt head. Nicely done!

  8. Great image Darwin. Rusty anything is a great subject, if you wait long enough you might be able to photograph me sitting in this same chair all rusty. Must get up and move… one more minute.

  9. Darwin I love this image and your eye for finding it. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by a beautiful scene and don’t see the fantastic smaller subjects that exist around the main subject. It is a really important part of the creative process to find these small gems. Congrats

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