Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Allison George

I am happy to present another participant’s photos from the 2010 Fall Colours Tour. Allison George came all the way from Newfoundland to see the Canadian Rockies. And she brought her east coast joy of living and cod fish  humour along with her. Everyone loved Allison’s company and best of all her Newfoundland expressions like stay where your at and I’ll come where your to, Owshegettinonb’ys or Arse foremost. Allison was a photographic mad woman, just a given ‘er. You can see from her photos below that she came away with great stuff! To see even more visit her Flickr site.

©Allison George

©Allison George

©Allison George

©Allison George

©Allison George

©Allison George



6 Responses to “Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Allison George”

  1. Wow!!!! that second one from the bottom….again!!!!! Just took my Breath Away!!!!!Now that’s what I call Stunning!!!!!!! wish I had a better word for it…..

  2. Really beautiful work Allison!

  3. Gorgeous work, Allison! I especially love the warmth and tones in the second-to-last image.

  4. Erin Walsh Says:

    Beautiful, you have a gift Al.

  5. Loretta Uens Says:

    Hi Allison
    You are so very talented .Those pictures are beautiful

  6. Wow, only one word for it: Spectacular!

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