PlexiFlex – Amazing Enlargements!



Darwin very happy with a PlexiFlex enlargement!


You remember the old saying; “If you want something done right, do it yourself”? Well this is exactly why I always do my own printing. I have never found any commercial lab that could make a print that I couldn’t do better myself. No commercial operation seems to put the care and attention into print making like I do for my own work. When PlexiFlex approached me and asked to make a print of my work to show me their unique printing product, I was skeptical. But then a few days later the print showed up and I was blown away! In a word, wow! Did I say wow? Not only was the colour matching of the print spot on, the image presentation system of the print mounted underneath clear acrylic gave the print a radiant quality because the print was 100% flat and surface glare was reduced. Everyone that has seen the print, the way it is mounted and the quality of presentation has been 100% impressed. To read more about the process go here.

Of course the big question is How Much?? For the 16 x 24 inch photo above, finished and ready to hang, the cost was about $160 US. Some labs charge that much or more just for the print, but here I got a wall ready product that was stunning! I rarely ever do ‘art’ shows but if I did, having a gallery display of PlexiFlex prints would be an impressive sight and they would sell themselves.

To get a price quote just fill out this form and in the Special Request box at the end of the form put in the code DarwinWiggett10 to get 10%  off your order. I know you will be thrilled with the result and remember Christmas is coming up… I do have some space on my walls… hint, hint!

11 Responses to “PlexiFlex – Amazing Enlargements!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering where to get this done. I recently saw some plexi face mounting, and it blew me away. Cheers.

  2. Hey Darwin,
    Have you seen any of these done with a metallic print? Just wondering if it would be over the top or not (in your professional opinion). I have a request for a canvas print (pressed metallic) which is an odd size that my provider does not do… I figured this might be a good alternative!

    • Yes I have seen some metallic prints out in Canmore in a gallery. I was floored! They are awesome with the right type of photo, but boy are they expensive to make and ship!


  3. Thanks for sharing this looks interesting and the price isn’t out of this world.

    I am like you and was never happy with paying a photolab to make prints and they never looked like what I could print myself on a sub $100 photo printer.

    Will check it out for sure. Does the discount have an expiry date?

  4. Finally!!! A one stop shop for Fujiflex and face mounting in North America. If you like to show color – this is the stuff.

  5. Perry McKenna Says:

    Looks very, very nice. Do you know if and how they ship to Canada?

  6. I’ll check into that. thanks for the info. It looks great from the photo

  7. […] back I mentioned a print I received from Plexiflex that I was impressed with and I made a blog post about the print. Since then something has come to my attention that bears comment. Several […]

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