The Daily Snap – October 24



©Darwin Wiggett


For those who have not upgraded or tried Photomatix 4.0, I highly recommend it because the program has improved significantly. The image above is and HDR photo (made from three different exposures with the Canon G11) and processed using Photomatix’s Exposure Fusion. I much prefer Exposure Fusion over the Tonemapping function in Photomatix because the former gives me realistic looking HDR’s which I prefer over the cartoonish HDR results of the latter.

6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – October 24”

  1. I love Photomatix 4. The anti-ghosting feature is great for removing the slight motion that occurs on grass and tree leaves.

    But Darwin, a larger version of your photo would help us to see all of that detail…

  2. Love the light and colour , as well as the mist. Will get out and try this program, Thanks.

  3. Judy Windsor Says:

    I would really like to get this but couldn’t figure out from the site if it was compatible with Raw files on the Canon Rebel Xsi. Would you happen to know?

  4. Your right on Darwin, I just upgraded from 3.0 to 4.0 and was very pleased with the improvements made. Some are claiming the new Nik HDR as the top dog but actually it is all in how a person learns to use it, in my book Photomatix is great and still the one to have. And I agree the Exposure Fusion does a wonderful job in realistic looking results.

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