Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Perry McKenna

The wonderful thing about doing photo tours is that you meet awesome people. Perry is no exception, a 100% likable guy that you are happy to spend hours with. Perry is easy company and is thoughtful and reflective. I can tell this guy will go far with his photography because he is a thinking photographer, a fellow who ponders the art of photography and worries a lot less about gear. How refreshing! Below are Perry’s favorite shots from the trip. To see more of Perry’s works click here.


©Perry McKenna



©Perry McKenna



©Perry McKenna



©Perry McKenna



©Perry McKenna



©Perry McKenna



10 Responses to “Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Perry McKenna”

  1. Wow! another amazing artist….is that your magic wand that makes them as special as you, after a tour??????? I just am blown away from the gorgeous reflection shots….must put one of your tours on my Wish List to Santa….LOL

  2. Dang. Gulp. Wow.
    An amazing set of images, Perry!

  3. Judy Windsor Says:

    Beautiful shots…I love, love, love the last one!

  4. Very nice gallery, thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful shot Perry, I really like the 3rd shot.

  6. jackvjohnson Says:

    Terrific set of images, Perry! Thanks for sharing them, Darwin!

    – Jack

  7. Amazing shots Perry. That’s all the advertising you need for your workshops Darwin, I can see you bring your groups to the best locations.

  8. Jane Chesebrough Says:

    Beautiful shots. I wonder if you use a ppolariing filter and perhaps other filters-such strong blue hues!

  9. Perry McKenna Says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Much appreciated. I’ll be visiting your photos in the next few days.

  10. Perry McKenna Says:

    Jane, just used a normal polarizer and some ND and graduated ND filters.

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