The November Photography Courses

Join me on November 1, 2010 for my online course The Essentials of Digital Landscape Photography – Part 1: Field Techniques. This six week course covers topics on essential gear for nature photography, essential camera settings like colour space, white balance, picture styles and getting the best exposure possible. As well, we explore how to pick the right aperture and the right shutter speed every time and delve into techniques of capturing the light with techniques like fill flash, light-painting, diffusion and filter use. If you want to upgrade your technical knowledge of field techniques in nature photography then this course may be for you. To learn more about the course click on this link.


If you already have a good working knowledge of your camera but want to ramp up your artistic vision then I highly recommend Samantha Chrysanthou’s course on Learning to “Speak” the Language of Visual Expression also starting November 1, 2010. Everyone that takes Sam’s course gives her rave reviews for her ability to teach the basic building blocks of design and composition in a step-by-step way. Samantha’s assignments encourage photographers to think inward in order to help them develop personal style. To learn more about her course click on this link.

These courses present one lesson per week with assignments. Photographers interact with the instructor and other students in an on-line forum and the instructor gives detailed critiques of student assignment and images. If you can afford 4-6 hours per week to work on improving your photography then I encourage you to take one of our online courses, or check out the other offerings over at NPN. Happy fall learning!

©Darwin Wiggett


3 Responses to “The November Photography Courses”

  1. Love this image Darwin – looks like a painting.

  2. Wow, what an eye catching photo!
    very painterly with lots of depths of texture and color

  3. This is a beautiful photograph 🙂

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