Lee SW150 Filter Holder

For anyone who owns a Nikon 14-24mm lens or a Canon 17mm TSE lens (both have the bulbous rounded front element),  Lee now has the SW150 (superwide 150mm) filter holder available for order.The SW150 Filter Holder has been designed to specifically fit the Nikon 14-24mm lens, but will also be adapted to fit on other super wide lenses after its initial launch. The SW150 is available as a Starter Kit containing a Filter Holder, Adaptor Collar for the lens, a 0.6ND  (2-stop) Hard Graduated filter that is 150mm wide x 170mm long, and a Neoprene Lens cap that fits over the collar when the holder is not attached.

The full range of LEE resin graduated and standard filters are also available to order for the SW150 but there will be no Polarizer or Big Stopper available for this system. A separately sold custom fitting called the “System Adaptor” allows you to fit the SW150 onto an existing LEE Adaptor Ring enabling it to be fitted to other lenses.

The SW150 Starter Kit is now available to order from any store that sells Lee Filters, like The Camera Store in Calgary

Lee SW150 Filter Holder on the Nikon 14-24mm lens


10 Responses to “Lee SW150 Filter Holder”

  1. Carrie Bradley Says:


    First of all – your photography with the 24mm tilt shift lens is stunning! I was thinking of renting a canon tilt shift lens to try it out on my small sensor Canon XSI (with crop factor). Below are my questions:
    1. Would a 17mm tilt shift lens on a smaller sensor camera be a better size for sweeping landscape photography as opposed to the 24mm tilt shift (which actually gives me a 38mm perspective)? In otherwords, the 24mm is not wide enough for serious landscape photography?
    2. Would you get vignetting with a Cokin P holder with polarizer and ND grads on the 17mm TS? This is the system I have and unfortunately I do not have the funds to upgrade to the larger holder/filter size!
    3. Any vignetting with the 24mm TS and Cokin P system?
    4. I also have the 400D XTi. Would it be impossible to perceive the tilt/shift via the small viewfinder. In otherwords, do you recommend just using cameras with live view?
    5. Do you have any experience with the less expensive tilt shift lenses – ie. Schneider/Rodenstock/Hartblei?
    Thanks for your consideration! CARRIE

    • 1. A 17mm will give an equivalent to a 28mm on a small sensor camera. Lots of people find 28mm wide enough for sweeping landscapes. Some don’t. Look at the EXIF data from your favorite ‘wide’ photos and see what focal length you used. That will tell you what focal length you should get with a tilt-shift. Also remember you can use the shift feature on the lens to make wider ‘stitches’ than normal.

      2. You can not mount a Cokin P-Holder not a polarizer on the 17mm TSE because the lens has a bulging front element like what you see in the photo of the Nikon lens above. Most people do not use filters on the 17mm TSE.

      3. You can use the Cokin P-Holder on the 24mm TSE but you will need an 82mm adapter ring. You will not see vignetting with a small sensor camera.

      4. Live View is very helpful to get the most out of a TSE lens

      5. No experience with other lenses


  2. I thought people have been using the Cokin X-Pro system on the TS-E 17 and 14-24 since they have been out using the universal adapter and a pvc sleeve too? I have been using the X-Pro on the 24 TS-E II and the Sigma 15-30 with Singh-Ray grads and the Cokin glass polarizer, so maybe look at that setup too, not just the Lee, and no I am not talking about the Z size Cokin.

    • Yes the X-pro system can offer solutions as you suggest. I just made this post to announce the availability of the Lee holder cause some people were waiting. This post definitely is not about all the possible options to filter ultra-wide lenses. That would be an extensive review which might be a later post.


  3. Thanks for the info. I will have to check this out.

  4. Just F.Y.I., I guess a reason LEE does not make the big stopper, which is a glass filter, for the SW150 is that flare would be an issue when using the filter system and super wide lenses. I have tried the big stopper with the Ultra-Wide Heliar 12mm. Light came from any gap between the filter and lens caused horrible ghost. Emblem on the lens was reflected to the filter and this appeared in images. Nikon 14-24 mm lens has a built-in lens hood so there are gaps between the lens and the filter holder. Good news is that the symptom I experienced does not happen with polyester filters.

    • Of course the reason they don’t make the Big Stopper for the SW150is due to the Light Leak problem. You can get around the problem by sealing the lens/filter gap with black velvet as I do when I use the big stopper on the 24mm TSE but this is more difficult to do well on the bulging lenses. Darwin

      • Thank you so much for the tips, Darwin. I will go to Home depot tomorrow to look for something good for the sealing.

  5. […] Wigget is talking about the new Lee SW150 Filter Holder which should work great for a Nikon 14-24mm lens or a Canon 17mm TSE […]

  6. Photo Central also stocks Lee Filters and has the SW150 in stock.

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