Weekly Photo – November 5


©Darwin Wiggett

I shot this photo during the SNAP! Harvest Moon Photo Workshop in October (to see a larger version just click on the photo). We were lucky enough to have two mornings of short but colourful light. I used my Canon Rebel T2i (the camera I use for photo instruction) and my trusty Sigma 8-16mm ultra wide lens. This image was shot at 8mm at f8. I love the big giant views that this lens gives me. For a full review of this lens see my blog entry here.

8 Responses to “Weekly Photo – November 5”

  1. WOW!! This is gorgeous.

  2. Herbert Lake is a great spot and Darwin, you’ve captured it masterfully!

  3. Eric Carlson Says:

    Beautiful image, Darwin! What filters were used here? Thanks!

  4. Great shot. I always wondered about the newer Sigma 10-20 3.5 Lens but I after reading your review I will have to look at this one. (Loved the example shots in your review as well as the one you post here.

  5. wonderful shot Darwin! Really love the view of that lens and the detail in the foreground. Great shot!

  6. A beautiful masterpiece

  7. Oh gosh this is so pretty. Love the foreground under the water… dreamy…

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