Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Lynda Marzhan

Here’s the thing. My photo tours are meant to attract advanced photographers who know their way around their gear and who just want to be put in the right spot at the right time. But occasionally we get beginners on the tour and boy do they get an immersion in photography! The tours are hard core, shooting from dawn to dusk and I am always afraid that I will scare off the newbies with the intensity of the tour. But so far I am always proven wrong. Whenever new photographers have been thrown into the big pond of photography; they not only learn to swim, but they school with big fishes and devour the little ones! Lynda was dropped into the tour with little photographic experience but in the end swam the waters of the photography like a barracuda! Check out the photos she came away with on this trip!

©Lynda Marzhan

©Lynda Marzhan

©Lynda Marzhan

©Lynda Marzhan

©Lynda Marzhan

©Lynda Marzhan


7 Responses to “Fall Colours in the Canadian Rockies – Lynda Marzhan”

  1. Great job Lynda. Your shots are stunning

  2. Lynda, your talent is evident. Newbie or not, you’ve GOT the eye! 🙂 I encourage you to keep shooting and learning!

  3. Beautiful Lynda, definitely not a newbie, your awesome.

  4. Wow! Those are stunning photographs. Good job Lynda!

  5. Good show, Linda. I like your take on Peyto Lake at Bow Summit. Barry and I should have followed you and Allan when you turned towards Bow Summit. The sky was not as dramatic when we visited Peyto Lake.

  6. Perry McKenna Says:

    Lynda, these are truly fantastic. The first one is truly stunning. When I first started to read the blog, I thought it was a photo from Darwin ;-0) The third one is also awesome. It was a pleasure to meet you. you have a great eye, hope you have the bug and keep it up.

  7. wow! Such a beautiful collection of image Lynda! You have a great eye and know how to make the colors pop-up!

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