Fall in the Canadian Rockies – Alan Ernst

Alan is the owner of the Aurum Lodge and he is the co-leader of the Fall Photo Tours. Time after time I am impressed by Alan’s ability to see amazing photos in things most people would pass over. Alan is the master of the intimate landscape but beyond just great creating graphic and striking compositions, Alan’s intimate scenes tell a bigger story.  The combination of story and design is no easy task, but Alan consistently makes images with both in spades.

©Alan Ernst

©Alan Ernst

©Alan Ernst

©Alan Ernst

©Alan Ernst

©Alan Ernst


4 Responses to “Fall in the Canadian Rockies – Alan Ernst”

  1. These images are amazing! I am truly inspired 🙂

  2. Barry Wolf Says:

    As always I am awed & amazed by Alan’s images & vision.

  3. Beautiful. My favorite is the red water/mud and green stems. The reflections make the picture, for me. I like it because I can just imagine walking along beside this scene, then suddenly SEEING it. To your point, Darwin, it’s just the kind of thing I might walk right by without noticing it. Good eye!

  4. Really like the first, and last two images. The shapes – implied and otherwise, the lines and colours; longing to return 🙂 Great eye, as always Alan!!

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