The Daily Snap – November 7

©Darwin Wiggett


One of my favorite activities is to go for a walk in the woods with my point-n-shoot camera (currently a Canon G11) and look for intimate scenes to snap photos of. I love being unencumbered by loads of photo gear. And I like the challenge of making order from chaos in the busy forest environment. During my walks all of the ‘business’ of photography fades away (what deadlines?) and I feel centered and at peace. Even if the weather is difficult, and the light ‘flat’, there is always something to shoot.


7 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 7”

  1. Great shot. I recently started carrying a compact camera around (Pentax W90) for similar reasons but I haven’t had as good of a result as this yet. Inspires me to keep trying.

  2. I knows how yous feels !
    Nothing more pleasureable than photography just for the sake of photography. It clears the mind and elevates the spirit.
    Makes life good.
    And, to top it off, you can even get a pretty picture, from time to time. lol

  3. I like your words in this post Darwin, the feeling of freedom and being unencumbered is a special thing and whatever one can do to help find order in chaos is a good thing indeed. Becoming close to nature through photography adds the other special touch’s for ones intimate relationship with their environment. I also love the intimate shot.

  4. Jim Bartlett Says:

    Love the shot,i was out this am about the same time here in Ontario,walking around with my point and shoot. Really like the snow coming down through the trees. I’m heading to Algonquin park this afternoon to do the same.(only a 30 minute drive)

  5. It is why I love walking too. The whole summer I walked – every day for at least 2 hours, usually about 12 km, but some days up to 21 km. I love how it cleared the mind, but often I saw images along the way, but never had the camera near. Now I have a new compact camera and am looking forward to take that on those walks. So I absolutely understand your point of view.

  6. Hey Darwin – quick question for you. Do you take along a small tripod or monopod on your walks? I too love walking through the woods especially in the fall when the leaves are down looking for unique compositions with my small camera (currently a Panasonic G1). I take along a small travel-type tripod in case I come across something requiring a longer exposure. Your thoughts? Thanks for all of your insights, advice and inspiration with this blog – it’s great!
    All my best,
    Dan Kehlenbach

    • Sometimes I just the camera (e.g. bright overcast at mid-day). But often I have a little light wieght tripod that fits into my backpack and use it for longer exposures. Darwin

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