The Daily Snap- November 8

©Darwin Wiggett

I have been stuck in the office the last few days (the downside of the business of photography) and so I have not been out getting a daily snap. So yesterday I took 15 minutes to grab a macro shot of a houseplant with the Canon G11.


9 Responses to “The Daily Snap- November 8”

  1. Beautiful texture and tones ! Nice interior nature shot 🙂

  2. I like the color, line and texture in this, Darwin. I think you do excel in isolating interesting objects in your images.

  3. Alistair McNaughton Says:

    Nice shot – but I think your houseplant needs serious attention. Mosiac virus?

  4. John Arnold Says:

    Darwin, it looks almost a little surrealistic. Did you do anything special in post?

  5. This is gorgeous. I love the detail

  6. Just goes to show that great images can be made with ordinary items. Nice work!

  7. What a amazing photo! the way you’ve done the contrast between background and greens is very well done, makes the plant look a lot healthier than it really is? 😉

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