The Daily Snap – November 10

©Darwin Wiggett

Two days ago it rained; weird for Alberta in November, but true. The rain beaded on my deck and I took a snap of the the rain drops in low skimming side light (see image below). Over night the temperatures plunged to -15 Celsius and all those water drops froze into lace-rimmed inkblots. I had to grab the G11 and make some abstract macro shots! I turned the image into a blue-n-white monochrome to help tell the story of cold. Of course, I used Nik Silver Efex for an easy conversion.

©Darwin Wiggett


4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 10”

  1. Neat. The frozen drops look like some kind of virus(?) in a Petri dish seen through a microscope. Nice abstract. Stay warm.

  2. The patterns and frost in the first image remind me of an aerial view of frozen mountain peaks. The warmth and shadows in the second speak of dunes in the desert. Great abstracts, Darwin!

  3. I love those, Darwin. Unbelievably simple yet beautiful!

  4. I really love the texture in this shot!

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