The Daily Snap – November 11

I could not resist, I just had to post another image of the frozen water drops on my deck – I see a face here… maybe I suffer (well suffering may not be the right word because I enjoy seeing faces) from Pareidolia.

©Darwin Wiggett


8 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 11”

  1. John Arnold Says:

    OK. I can’t see it so I have to ask. Is it in profile or a front view. Clue please:)

  2. I have been trying to look for the face too. I can’t see it. Cool shot

  3. Judy Windsor Says:

    I see the face of a Moose…

  4. Sean Bateman Says:

    how about a puppy? -he’s wagging his tail! You so amaze me & remind me to look for inspiration EVERYWHERE. Hope the fire is there this weekend [wish I was going again] such a great time!!!!

  5. Judy Windsor Says:

    I actually think the moose is Bulwinkle!!!!

  6. A face, you said? Hmmm… maybe an alien face. 😉

  7. I see the face. Looks like a dogs face to me tho. Just look at the darkest circle in the middle of the “moose”, that’s the nose. Right below that is the mouth, you have a big eye on the left and a small one on the right. Not sure if that’s what you are seeing Darwin but that’s what I see. Definitely a nice background photo, I could see it being used as a background for a website. I need to get out more and look for the small details around me.

  8. Very cool. I see the face, looks like something from a Punch & Judy sketch. 🙂 What a great bit of subject material dropped off on the deck…

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