The Daily Snap – November 12

Darwin Wiggett

I am on the Fire and Ice Photo Tour in the Canadian Rockies and am posting this Daily Snap from the road. This image was taken with a Sigma DP1x point-n-shoot camera. I am doing a field test of this camera and this image is from the Athabasca River below Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park. The DP1x is a small point-n-shoot camera with an APS-sized sensor which Sigma says  gives dSLR results in a point-n-shoot sized camera. The camera has a fixed 16.6 mm (28 mm equivalent lens) and a 14MP Foveon CMOS sensor. I will have a full report on useability and image quality in a week or so, but for now here is one of the first images I made with the camera.


One Response to “The Daily Snap – November 12”

  1. Nice to know that you have a DP1. I’m curious to see what the foveon can do on APS-C size.

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