The Daily Snap – November 13

Darwin Wiggett

Another Daily Snap from the Sigma DP1x point-n-shoot. This one is from Rampart Ponds in Banff National Park. The ice formations are starting!


7 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 13”

  1. That’s a nice shot. Looks like roots branching out. How big is the DP1x compared to your G11?

  2. Susan Osborn Says:

    Wish I were there. We rarely get good ice in central California.

  3. I subscribe to your blog and really enjoy your daily shots and others’. They are great, but such another world away from me.
    I live in southeast Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. We see ice and snow here about once every ten years or so. Keep on with your great shots. Fritz Meyer

  4. Isn’t that an ‘eagle eye’? Can’t wait to go to Lake Abraham in winter!

  5. I went to Kananaskis last Monday and Thursday, and ice seems to cover lakes quickly. It is an intresting shot as usual, but it reminds me a shape of the neuron.

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