The Daily Snap – November 15

©Darwin Wiggett

Another Daily Snap with the Sigma DP1x point-n-shoot (full review to follow shortly).  This photo is from Graveyard Flats in Banff National Park. All along the flats you can find remains of highway construction from the beginning of the building of the Icefield Parkway. I have found fenders, car doors, tires, oil barrels etc. I think it is time to organize a volunteer brigade to do a clean-up on Graveyard Flats. I am going to contact Parks Canada and find out if we need a permit for the clean-up (who knows maybe they think this of this stuff as valuable ‘artifacts’) and if they will help us haul the stuff off the flats. Stay tuned for a possible clean-up campaign next year.


8 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 15”

  1. That sounds like a very good initiative.
    Let me make some photo’s first! 🙂

  2. If a permit is needed to clean up garbage, they would be slightly foolish not to grant it to volunteers.

  3. Stephane Hachey Says:

    That sounds like a great idea! Make some nice sunrise photos, pick up garbage during bad sunlight hours, make nice sunset photos, go to bed, get up and repeat process, everybody wins.

  4. This is great idea. Although I want to do something, just I do not know how to initiate. I think a lot of people are feeling same way. Also I like your picture as well. Strong B&W image.

  5. Count me in on the clean-up. This place gave me my best winter landscape shot so far, a shame that it needs volunteers to get it cleaned.

  6. I think I know that tire. 🙂

    A cleanup operation at Graveyard Flats is a great idea. Count me in as well.

  7. I agree the cleanup crew is a great idea, even though you have managed to make a nice photograph out of that old tire.

  8. Lorna Taylor Says:

    I’m in for the clean up as well, Wonderful idea for nature photographers , shoot some morning shots clean house and shoot some more. Sounds like a fantastic idea Darwin!

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