The Daily Snap – November 16

┬ęDarwin Wiggett

Whirlpool Point, Kootenay Plains Alberta shot with the Sigma DP1x point-n-shoot camera.


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 16”

  1. Beautiful shot. I have always said a good photographer can get a great shot from almost any equipment, but I’m still surprised that you got that from a compact camera.

  2. Stephane Hachey Says:

    Very nice. I love the look of the ice on the lake. You must of used an ND grad for this one?

  3. Awesome shot Darwin! I love the foreground and the great colour.

  4. Really like the pale blue and yellow here! Everything in this photo is stunning and magnificent.


  5. Very nice Colors Darwin, the thin ice sure makes the Reflections have a sheen to them

  6. […] I was looking for a foreground to use with the mountains and underlit clouds (see Darwin’s Nov. 16 blog entry photo). The clouds were interesting but I could not find anything I fancied and the mountain range was […]

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