Weekly Photo – November 19


©Darwin Wiggett

This is a photo from the first morning of the November Fire and Ice Photo Tour. Based on the conditions I thought a run to Lower Waterfowl Lake in Banff National Park might yield some dramatic sunrise light. Indeed, both the fire and the ice happened that morning (lucky us!). Here I used my Canon EOS-1ds Mark III with a Sigma 24-70 F2.8 lens at 24mm and f16. I also used a Singh-Ray 3-stop soft-edge grad in a Cokin Z-Pro filter holder to hold back brightness in the sky and the reflection.



12 Responses to “Weekly Photo – November 19”

  1. Stunningly gorgeous image. Chills and excites me at the same time. Am I right in thinking the grad filter was aligned to the top of the left mountain? I’ve currently got the Z-Pro system on my Christmas wish list and am starting to look at how to use it to best effect.

  2. Wow, this is beautiful and dramatic 🙂

  3. Very “cool” shot Darwin, I love the reflections on the thin ice. Can’t believe it is not frozen more solid yet!

  4. As Consuelo said, very dramatic image, Darwin. I like the colors, and the detail of the submerged rocks and the ice on the water.

  5. Yeah baby! That’s the stuff… prime November “fire and ice”.

  6. Great shot love the colors. gorgeous area and scenery.
    I am just learning and using my camera as stress releaf…love candid shots.

  7. fire and ice really describes this. When iopened my email , I audibly went ‘ooh…” as I saw the sunrise/sunset and liked it just as much as I saw the rest of the photo with the thin sheet of ice.

  8. Awesome shot Darwin! I love that not so fully frozen ice, I love this time of year for that effect!

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