A Few Good Links

Below are some links that got me thinking and a couple just for fun!

I always tell people to shoot from the heart.  If you are shooting to please others, to get an easy iconic trophy, or to to get kudos for your ego then your art is shallow. To make more meaningful work, you need to shoot for yourself. You should make images that move you and reach deep into your soul and you should care little what others think. You need to shoot to please your heart. Along this line I really enjoyed one of Guy Tal’s recent excellent essays entitled The Futile Pursuit of Happiness.


©Darwin Wiggett

Check out the video in this link – – friggin awesome! If you are not blown away by the time lapse work you see in this video, then you must be dead!

Speaking of videos, if you want a laugh check out Charlie Borland’s Hiring a Cheap Photographer or read Zack Arias’ blog post on Top Ten Ways to Become a Professional Photographer.

And finally I leave you with Shooting Strangers


12 Responses to “A Few Good Links”

  1. The videos that have been coming out of xtranormal recently have been pretty funny but my head is hurting trying to reverse engineer how Rapture was created.

  2. Truth! I’ve been guilty of shooting shallow/”easy” pictures for validation. I can /always/ tell when I’ve done this – now the first thing I check is not my gear or my settings but my “gut”. It seems like such a simple concept, but without the key ingredient of self-confidence, it’s a concept I was able to grasp only through a long and difficult process. If only I knew then what I know now! Guy Tal’s essay was spot-on and I LOVE videos thank you Darwin!

    “Our dependency makes slaves out of us, especially if this dependency is a dependency of our self-esteem. If you need encouragement, praise, pats on the back from everybody, then you make everybody your judge.” ~Fritz Perls

  3. Beautiful photo and great videos too. I especially like the Shooting Strangers one, pretty funny.

  4. This really brings up an important question and I must say I never did notice but Darwin do you wear socks….all the time?! The hardships of professionalism I guess.

  5. Lovely texture and composition in this image!

  6. Beautiful image, ice leads to the reflection and the mountain and then to the sky so nicely.
    Very funny video, too!:)

  7. Thanks Darwin, now I know why I don’t shoot strangers! Here’s another great time lapse video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xMz2SnSWS4
    And I know for a fact, that I’ve seen you wearing socks!

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