Setting a Bad Example

Photographer R. John Knight captured a couple of shots of me on the November Fire and Ice Photo Tour capturing the elusive ‘road shot’. Of course I am a trained professional and know how to get a road shot without injury — notice my expert technique in John’s photos! I am obviously totally aware of my surroundings!

But don’t try this at home without special training (which takes years to qualify by the way)… what’s that rumble I hear?? Aaaaargh!!

©R. John Knight

©R. John Knight

The result taken with my Canon EOS-1ds Mark III and the Canon TS-E 17mm lens:

©Darwin Wiggett

Disclaimer – of course this image was made on a road closed to traffic. I was pretending to make photos but really I was just trying to catch a nap but John woke me up!


11 Responses to “Setting a Bad Example”

  1. I can almost hear one of the ‘tour buses’ coming above the noise of the cold winds blowing from the glacier. What kind of paint was used for yellow line? The Canon 17 TS-E did a nice job to capture the perspective and the moment.

  2. I love those road shots, always too nervous to take them tho. Maybe I’ll hire someone with a stop sign and hard hat to stop traffic, lol.

  3. Cute Ethan….now haven’t we all been caught in that pose once or twice…..that’s why I love my articulated lens….no more flatbelly poses…or exposing myself to cold wet surfaces and landmines like cow or horse poop…..

  4. I think I read about this technique in a book some time ago. Perfect form, Darwin.

  5. I particularly like that middle shot. Really gives a sense of perspective and scale, doing the “near / far” thing. Excellent use of leading lines in a vertical framing to draw the viewer into the scene.

    I suspect the composition was made possible because Darwin forgot his snacks and is out cold from hunger. Quick, somebody give the man a dark chocolate Sweet & Salty bar! 🙂

  6. Laying down on the job can sometimes give great rewards

  7. That’s hilarious but looks like it was worth it.

  8. Stunning photograph and I love the color Yellow!

  9. Marion Faria Says:

    Wait a minute here! I thought my butt looked a lot better than yours in my road shot!

  10. Cool shot.
    I carry a hard hat and orange vest on my car for situations like this. Makes people think you work for the road department

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