The Daily Snap – November 23

©Darwin Wiggett

It’s been crazy cold and snowy here for the last week. I have been stuck in the office (submissions, deadlines , image processing etc) but managed to grab a couple of snaps with the Sigma DP1x while walking the dog. Here the morning fog rises off the Bow River in Cochrane along the river path where we walk Brando.


8 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 23”

  1. Hi Darwin,
    Is this a single exposure? I’m impressed with the brightness of the snow in the shadow and on the tree.

  2. So jealous that you already snow, Paris isn’t nearly cold enough for snowfall yet. but fingers crossed for snow by Christmas! Love the shot.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. O it is cold alright! -35C this morning! 🙂
    Hope your walk with Brando went OK Darwin. 😉

  4. ariesnurmans Says:

    hi darwin,
    I’am still enjoying your capture, lovely, can you give me a comparison with all your pocket size camera, which one.. according to you is the best, for all you need. I see you had the canon G12 and Sigma DP1X, maybe you can make a comparison review, many Thanks.


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