The Daily Snap – November 24

©Darwin Wiggett

My canoe hibernating now in the backyard, summer seems so far away…. Taken with the Sigma DP1x point-n-shoot.


5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 24”

  1. Love the shadow, lovely contrast! Happy winter! 😉

  2. arieanurmans Says:

    Clean and sweet, cool.
    Did you use any filters ..?

  3. Darwin, the way you’ve stored the canoe may cause premature rotting of the gunwales and any other canvas or wood parts. if you can’t bring it inside for the winter you might want to put it on some kind of stand so it’s not touching the ground. We keep our canoes on overturned milk crates year round & bring them inside for the winter where we suspend them from the basement rafters using the cartop tiedown straps.

    • It has plastic gunwales and I have stored it like this for 10 years without any damage. – but you are so correct about proper storage, might be time to rethink how the canoe is put away.


  4. Wow Very effective and perfect timing….we have a shadow theme contest coming up with our local photo club and this gives me some great concepts to try out… all I need is some snow!!!!!!

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