The Daily Snap – November 25


©Darwin Wiggett

For the last week or so it has been very frigid and for two days in a row we woke up to -35 degree weather. On our morning walks with the dog along the river there was some really great ice fog. I made a snap with the Sigma DP1x point-n-shoot to see how the camera handled back-lighting and high contrast light. I was impressed–this image is made hand-held without filters. I am not so keen about the  composition of this photo; I rushed the shot because the rays of light above the tree were fading fast.

Below is a shot of Samantha and Brando from the same morning. Sam is in her famous orange puffy coat!


©Darwin Wiggett

The forecast is for warming temperatures (good for the skin on our faces, not so great for dramatic photography). Happy Turkey Day to our American friends!


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 25”

  1. Whoa! Great shot with the light rays! And the composition is just fine, too. Very beautiful image. Reminds me of those sunny freezing-my-eyelashes-together winter days in Alberta. I had a similar coat, too:)

  2. Susan Osborn Says:

    Going to Yosemite to give thanks to mother earth and all the incredible photos she gives to us daily. It is strange how down jackets make us all look like turkeys. No offense.

  3. Perry McKenna Says:

    Got to love that orange coat. Definitely needed with those temps.

  4. Wow, Stunning Shot!

    Sigma seems to make good products rately….but i am feeliing going to MEC and look for nice coat now.

  5. lyndajeffersphotography Says:

    I love the photo of the snowy bench…beautiful!

  6. Brrrr! Beautiful Darwin! 😉

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