Six Silly Uses of the UV Filters

Well… in the ‘how to make a fool of yourself‘ department, Samantha and I present the goofy video below. We really think that UV filters are a complete waste of time so if you want some ideas of what to do with all your old UV filters then watch on!

And if you want something a little more serious and instructional about filters then check out our new eBook,  Essential Filters for Digital Nature Photography over at Visual Wilderness.




18 Responses to “Six Silly Uses of the UV Filters”

  1. Fairly clever. Now to challenge this and receive a further opinion.

    The 17-40 is only truly weather resistance with a filter and if I’m not using a polarizer, I tend to use the protective filter in weather or at the beach or if I plan on being careless.

    I was lazy and left my lens hood off (better protection) and decided to put on a uv filter instead. And then dropped my camera (at FotoExpo). +1 on the filter in this case:

    • I agree if you have no polarizer, lens hood or filter holder on your lens, then a UV filter does protect the front lens element. We have a polarizer on our lenses almost permanently so the end result would be the same except the polarizer is actually useful 😉

  2. Awesome, I always wondered what I could do with all that extra glass. You know what, you could have uv filter races!! On the old hot wheels orange tracks hehe.. That being said I too use them on a few of my lenses just to protect the front element from water, dust and the potential of hitting something..

    Great video though..

  3. You two are hilarious! lol

  4. Actual photgraphic use for a UV filter is to smear it with goop and make it into a soft focus filter. You can get all artsy and stuff. 🙂

    Strangely I’ve been reluctant to do this. Then again, I’ve found transparent muffin wrappers held on with an elastic band are just as effective and I don’t have to worry about the goop getting on my lens.

  5. That was funny! You forgot one: make $$$ selling useless UV filters

  6. You 2 are tooo much! No, really I mean your too much! Guess I’ll have to remove it form hanging on my UV mirror of my SUV, I mean my rear view mirror of my RV.

  7. That is so funny, I really liked the skits and the music worked really well with it too

  8. Priceless! I love the evil Sam burning bugs and Darwin with hair! You guys are a riot! I’ve watched this 3 times now!

  9. How about just eye glasses or somthing? I think they are going to prevent cataract which is big enamy for photographers. Also it gives Lennon look.

  10. Thanks to you guys, there is now a glut of used UV filters on eBay. 😉

  11. I think #3 was the best…When can I order the jewelry on Visual Wilderness?


  12. So…does this mean that if I want to be a great photog like you guys I have to work not only on my style and technique, but also improve my sense of humor?

    That video was really great. I know how much time one of those can take. I esp. like the guy at the end, was that you, D.?


  13. I sense a second career in stand-up comedy is just around the corner. Perhaps a TV show — “This Hour Has f/22″…?

  14. Robert Skoye Says:

    hi samantha and darwin,
    looks like you had much fun with this. the monocle is my favourite. you don’t claim that the UV is touted by sales folks as protecting the lens, but you don’t then shoot this down. the number one reason i’ve always used a UV filter is for protecting the lens. perhaps i should use my cap more than i do, but it’s often not practical , like the ‘never-ready’ camera case of old. remember those? thanks for the educational chuckle.

  15. How about doing a how-to-video on haircuts? 🙂

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