Weekly Photo – November 26


©Darwin Wiggett

This is an image of the Mistaya River in Banff National Park during the November Fire and Ice Photo Tour. For this photo I used my Canon EOS-1ds Mark III and a Sigma120-400mm lens to make an extractive landscape photo of the ice formations on the river. I used my new Singh-Ray Vari-N-Trio (ND+polarizer+color enhancer) to give me a 30 second exposure at 16 during bright overcast. I like how the Vari-N-Trio brought out the colours of the greenish water and the reddish-brown rocks. To see a larger version just click on the photo.


16 Responses to “Weekly Photo – November 26”

  1. Kurt Nelson Says:

    Cool, almost ethereal!

  2. Love it Darwin! The ice on the rocks appears to be floating on the water at this 30 second exposure.

  3. Really nice, Darwin! This photo has a very magical quality to it.

  4. Wow. I love it. Looks like the ice is hovering in the air.

  5. The filter looks thick. How wide can you go before vignetting is a real problem?

  6. As Kurt alluded above, ethereal, this is the kind of image that takes some familiar objects and then conveys them in a way that makes your mind light up with interpretations.

    But this is not the work of a guy with a backward ball cap and shades throwing back shots. 😉

  7. My eight-year-old says it looks like germs. LOL I think it’s awesome! Truly exquisite.

    Have you tried the new filter on a wide-angle lens yet? I love my Singh-Ray filters but always struggle with vignetting.

  8. Levitating ice…looks like your new Vari-N-Trio doubles as an anti-gravity filter!

  9. I love how those globs seem to be levitating. A gorgeous image, Darwin!

  10. Perry McKenna Says:

    Awesome shot. Love those extracting type of shots. Makes you look for more than the normal shot.

  11. Something I find quite interesting, in this shot, is the separation between the static ice and the moving water. Its very cut and dried without the usual softening around the bottom edges. Nice effect, though. I like it. 🙂

  12. This shot is perfectly framed Darwin – love it!

  13. The 30sec exposure really makes quite a difference to the frosty appearance of the water. I like that, Darwin. I like the soft hues in the water in your shot with the ice-encrusted rocks. Nice composition, and feel.

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