Fire and Ice Photo Tour 2010 – Sonia Wadsworth

Below are Sonia’s favorite photos from the Fire and Ice Photo tour. Sonia does not have a website yet but based on the quality of her images it is time she got one!

©Sonia Wadsworth

Sunrise at Preacher’s Point, Abraham Lake, Alberta

©Sonia Wadsworth

Ice at Preacher’s Point, Abraham Lake, Alberta

©Sonia Wadsworth

Ice along the shore, Abraham Lake, Alberta

©Sonia Wadsworth

Mistaya River at Mistaya Canyon, Banff National Park, Alberta

©Sonia Wadsworth

Gargoyle Mountain and the Athabasca River at Moberly Flats, Jasper National Park, Alberta

©Sonia Wadsworth

North Saskatchewan River near the Alexandria River Bridge, Banff National Park, Alberta

6 Responses to “Fire and Ice Photo Tour 2010 – Sonia Wadsworth”

  1. Hello Sonia,

    I thought you said you weren’t happy with your take?? I think you got some great images there and it makes me wonder what else you are hiding from us… My fav’s are #1 (love those clouds in the center and somehow wish I could get a closer look at those) and # 3, followed probably by #6. I guess there are advantages to being at the right spot at the right time.

  2. Wonderful series Sonia! It was a pleasure meeting and shooting with you. It was also a real treat to see your lovely flower images. Darwin is right! Time to get a website going!

  3. Darren Barclay Says:

    Great shots Sonia! I love the details in the clouds in the Preacher’s point sunrise and the shot from the N Sask almost looks like you’re in a cave- love the details in that one as well!

  4. Nice images, Sonia. I love the last shot with the water jetting into the canyon framed by the ice and icicle encrusted rocks. When will your website be up and running? I look forward to seeing more of your images.

  5. Beautiful photos Sonia. My fave is the last one, it’s such a unique image and looks almost otherworldly. Great job!

  6. Igor Luginbuehl Says:

    Sonia, it seemed you weren’t too happy with your shots when you took them. Well, let me tell you they are great and my favorites are 1 (for the beautiful clouds) and 3 (for the cold-warm contrast)

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