The Daily Snap – November 29

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

©Darwin Wiggett - Sigma DP1x

Here is the same scene shot with the Canon G11 and the Sigma Dp1x. Interesting how the two cameras render the same scene quite differently in terms of colours. Which rendition is ‘best’ is a matter of personal preference. What was obvious though is the bigger sensor size of the Sigma made for much better files – see below:

Canon G11 detail

Sigma DP1x Detail


5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – November 29”

  1. The color is a good argument against the camera always being right. I’ve never understood why some believe the camera is the be all and end all when it comes to what may have been realistic color.

  2. I second stephen. I also want to add that i’m not surprised by the difference in file quality between the 2 cameras. Of course the sensor is bigger and perharps also the lens of the DP1 is better …

  3. The sigma camera probably has better resolving power and with a fixed focal length will produce high quality pics as you have shown in your blowups.
    The G series is very versatile and rugged. personally I would lean in favor of G11 and its lens. you produce some great shots with the G11

    here is a link to Fuji’s upcoming 2011 camera model X100 it looks like a camera very similar to what I had back in the 70’s old Argus Film camera.

    BTW having to send my Nikon P7000’s back again to get fixed. taking great photo’s but …..some issue’s !


    ops forgot to post the link to the fuji x100
    I wonder how it would compare in image quality to the Sigma?
    both have high quality fixed focal length lens and apc size senors

  5. ariesnurmans Says:

    and what about..! new micro 4:3, they seem promising great image quality, as sigma does?

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