Extreme Saskatchewan Blurb Book

Samantha and I just finished a Blurb Book using Blurb’s new Blurbify process to create Extreme Saskatchewan. This is a book showcasing the photography of the participant’s photos taken during the infamous Saskatchewan flood of 2010. Check out the preview of our book.


©Graham Budd



4 Responses to “Extreme Saskatchewan Blurb Book”

  1. Great book idea. I love making these kinds of book of my own photography. Digital photography creates many more images and the printing process is not as utilized as in the film days. These books are a real inexpensive way to get some of our best digital images into prints to share with others. Thanks for sharing this book with us.

  2. Mike Kapiczowski Says:

    What is blurbify? I have been using blurb for a couple of years.

    • Instead of downloading the Blurb software and making the book on your computer and then sending the result to Blurb, Blurbify lets you drag and drop in your Internet browser photos to Blurb and build a book right on-line so you can make a book from any computer with an internet connection, say while you are on the road. Darwin

      • Mike Kapiczowski Says:

        Great I’ll check it out. The last book I ordered was in my hands in 4 days! I seem to recall you said they are now publishing in Calgary. Can’t beat that kind of service.

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