The Daily Snap – The End

I started the Daily Snap exactly one year ago (December 5). I wanted to show that it wasn’t the gear that mattered but rather the ability to see. And there is no better way to learn to see than to force yourself to practice daily by making photos. And by using small point-n-shoot cameras I could practice making photos anywhere (around the house, at the pub, on walks with the dog, or while on photo tours). The Daily Snap was my personal exercise to do photography regularly to keep my eye in tune–visual scales for the visual artist if you will.

Now that the year is done, I plan to move onto a different project for 2011 (stay tuned for that in the new year). I have created a gallery of some of my favorite Daily Snaps over on my website. If you want to see the whole year of Daily Snaps go here.  Some people have been inspired to do their own daily photos, if you are doing such a project feel free to share a link to your project in the comment section below. Thanks to everybody for your support and patience with this somewhat self-indulgent exercise. If you subscribe to this blog your inbox will now be just a little less full.

The last snap is below. And of course why not photograph one of my favorite subjects… Samantha (here having a coffee at our favorite local coffee shop). Thanks for tuning in!


©Darwin Wiggett

25 Responses to “The Daily Snap – The End”

  1. I’m really sorry it’s over … it has been great to get one of your photos each day – inspirational – thank you!
    Sam could use a little less caffeine methinks 🙂


  2. It can be surprisingly challenging. I started doing the daily photo thing in 2004 with various success but 2010 has been the first year that I have yet to miss a day. 4 weeks to go.

  3. I have a Canon G10 with a tripod and remote switch. I had always been intimidated by other photographers with slr’s and top of the line equipment, until “The Daily Snap”. I usually post my pics on facebook and sometimes the feedback I get is, “Wow, what kind of camera are you shooting with?” Someone replied, It’s not the camera; it’s the photographer…it’s like asking an author,”What kind of word processor do you use?” Then one of my photos, “The Golden Trail” which I shot with the Canon G10, showed up on homepage! I was like, NO WAY! So, I just want to say thank you Darwin so much for giving me the confidence to carry on with what I got. Looking forward to your 2011 project. And Santa, if you read this, I have been extra good and I really am ready for the “minimal upgrade” 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to see the last of the daily photos. It has indeed inspired me to start my own blog ( although at a less ambitious weekly rate. I’m sure I will be equally inspired by your next project but I’ll miss the daily reminder to get out from behind my desk and go take a picture!

  5. I purchased an iPhone 4 specifically for the exercise of “seeing”. I don’t shoot or upload everyday but there is always a phone in my pocket when I do “see” something.

    Best Camera:

  6. vicente machado Says:

    Hi, Darwin:

    I don’t agree Daily Snap demands my indulgence exercise as you wrote.
    Believe me: watching it everyday, I understand life and this world a little bit…
    Thank you.
    Happy New Year to all of you.

    Vicente Machado.

  7. Thanks Darwin. I have enjoyed the series and it has given me a little different perspective.

  8. Darwin, you’ve created some fantastic images through this project – I’ve really been enjoying viewing your all of your daily snaps throughout the past year. Thank you for sharing and more importantly for the inspiration. I know for a fact that my photography wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is without you.
    A few years ago, you gave a talk at the Camera Store about photographing the mountains. You talked about filters, in particular ND Grads and that really opened my eyes and greatly improved my photography. Since then, I’ve learned so much from you, so again thank you! You and Sam are really great people.

  9. The Daily Snap had a great run Darwin. I’ll miss seeing it, but look forward to your next project!

  10. Thanks for a great year of inspiration and humor Darwin, I looked forward to your snaps everyday. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Great job keep shooting!


  11. Hey Darwin: I am so bummed that you are ending this great project. You were (are) one of the inspirations for me doing my “Daily shot” each and every day of 2010, including the day I had rotator cuff surgery (see March 3) and the next day. I used my G10 during my recovery and learned to carry it with me every day. On other days I used my non point and shoot. Some shots totally sucked, but I had to have one; other days I was not inspired, but had to have one, and some days I really liked what I saw. This exercise has taught me to look and see in ways I never thought possible. I really wouldn’t call it self indulgent as much as self teaching to see anew. Well, OK, some days are self indulgent, like the day I got my iPad and posted a photo. In any event, I thank you for this past year and can’t wait to see what is next up your sleeve. I will miss your daily snap in my inbox, but I guess life moves on.
    The link to my website “Daily Shot” is

  12. I post a photo each day of the week, except for weekends or during periods when I’m travelling. One per day each day of the year is my goal. Great discipline exercise.

  13. Sorry to see this feature go Darwin, but thanks for the great inspiration, ideas and humour over the past year.

  14. I will miss the Daily Snap as it was an inspiration and I looked forward to it everyday!!! Thanks for doing it!!!!

  15. Stephane Hachey Says:

    Who’s going to send me emails everyday now? My inbox is going to be full of Future Shop and Staples emails, lol. Thank you for doing this for a year, you inspired me everyday. I’ve decided to give it a try myself, starting January first. We’ll see how far I make it. Thanks again

  16. What’s in the cup that has Sam so-wide-eyed? Your 2010 project of a shot-a-day was a great initiative and inspiration, Darwin. You’ve shown us lots of everyday things around us that are worth photographing, and the value of getting to know your camera, inside-out. I’ll wait anxiously to see what your 2011 project is.

  17. John Arnold Says:

    Darwin, I have to echo the thoughts of everyone that has already posted. I am very sad to see your daily snap hit the end of its streak. Although I was silent and rarely commented, I never missed a day. It has been inspirational and a lesson for all of us to be conscious of the photo opportunities that surround us. Look forward to whatever your future posts!

  18. I will miss seeing these blogs, Darwin, and Sam’s too (or is she going to continue to “rant”-hope so) I am on wordpress as My heartsong and started to do a daily (almost) blog. It does get you taking photos. I went to a workshop in Edson last spring and was so inspired even though I had an inexpensive point-and -shoot. As soon as I got my DSLR I went out and shot photos that I couldn’t do during the weekend. Looking forward to a workshop in the future when I get my pennies added. A big thank you for your descriptions, your generosity, your humour and your inspiration.

  19. Noreen Bateman Says:

    It can’t be over. I have so enjoyed my morning coffee with your fabulous photos & blog-EACH & EVERY Day!When you were out making photos of our country scenes & roads you had no idea who was waving at you-then we waited anxiously to see what you would show us. You are the BEST!!! Darwin, THANK YOU! We will so miss the daily snap-look forward to the new endeavor. Happy Shooting. N & S

  20. I will miss your daily snaps. When I’d come home and do my regular blog-browsing, your side would be one of the first just to see the daily snap. They inspired the name for my own “project” of daily photographs – the Daily Mel. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. 😉

  21. Thanks for all your daily snaps. I’m looking forward to your next project

  22. Darwin,
    The daily snap was inspiring to me…I’ve tried to go out and shoot something every day, even when I walk my dog in the morning…it has helped me immensely to see the varied images you’ve taken…Marion

  23. Hello,
    I will really miss to see this blog… It was fun to come each morning to see a new pictures. I always loved to take pictures, my father is photographer and he always encourage me in this activity (I was taking pics of my barbies at 8 years old haha… ) anyway, at the beginning of 2010 I but a Nikon coolpix P100, my first good camera… and on May I started my daily pic challenge. Since then, I enjoy so much more my weekends in forest and I hope I will never give up. So, here is my challenge website: Hope you will continue anyway your blog with some pics once a while! Congrats!!!

  24. Your daily snaps are what inspired me to start my own similar project on June 1st of this year. I call it my Life Through the Lens project. I have been at it for just over 6 months now and it has not only been a challenge but a thrill!

    Thanks Darwin! Looking forward to the next project!

  25. Well done Darwin, the Daily Snaps were always a pleasure to visit.

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