Fire and Ice Photo Tour 2010 – Evan Bedford

Evan Bedford came along on the Fire and Ice photo tour and shot with… wait for it… film cameras! What a crazy guy eh? But he also brought along his Lumix LX3 point-n-shoot digital to grab a couple of snaps along the way. Here he shares a few of the digital photos with us.

©Evan Bedford

Mount Chephren, Banff National Park, Alberta

©Evan Bedford

Culvert at Allstones Creek, Kootenay Plains, Alberta

©Evan Bedford

Logs along the North Saskatchewan River, Banff National Park

©Evan Bedford

Abraham Lake at Preacher’s Point, Kootenay Plains, Alberta

©Evan Bedford

Lichen detail, Quartzite Boulder Pile, Jasper National Park, Alberta

©Evan Bedford

Whirlpool Point, Kootenay Plains, Alberta


8 Responses to “Fire and Ice Photo Tour 2010 – Evan Bedford”

  1. Kurt Nelson Says:

    If these are from an LX-3 (especially the Mount Chephren shot-amazing!), it’s proof that the best small sensor compacts deliver the goods. Beautiful!

  2. Neat shots, Evan. The view from the culvert is different and interesting. You captured some nice ice ripples in the foreground at Whirlpool Point. Interesting lighting too. I’d be interested in seeing (sometime) how your film turn out.

  3. These are really cool Evan and thanks for providing that well-spotted shot of the Culvert (so that’s what it is, lol). I think my fave here is the last shot with all the textured ice in the foreground….but I’m also loving the lichen detail so it’s a tough call.

  4. What an amazing variety of subjects and approaches. I truly coul’d not say which one is best. Really like them all, because they’re so different. Detail, light, compostions, punchy colour but not over the top…

  5. Sonia Wadsworth Says:

    An excellent selection Even, I like them all, especially the Culvert, very unique!

  6. Darren Barclay Says:

    Really nice shots Evan. I totally dig the ice ripples in the last shot and the shot of Mt. Chephren is sweet!

  7. Great images Evan. I really like the Mount Chephren one, beautiful light. I’m curious how your film images turned out.

  8. Evan, these shots are a perfect example to prove that it doesn’t matter what equipment you use to capture the scene. The main part of the image is still behind the camera and I hope it will remain like that for many generations to come. My pick would be the shot of the culvert because it remembers me of the moment when we got to see part of what’s on the other side and were wondering if we now have to jump into the water to get out of there. I have to admit that I’m also curious how your film images turned out.

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