B+H has the Cokin Z-Holder in Stock

Many people have asked me where to get the Cokin Z-Pro holder to use on full-frame cameras to hold filters. In Canada I usually send people to The Camera Store but they are presently out of stock. I just found out that B+H photo in New York has gotten a fresh shipment of Z-Pro holders in ($60) so head over there if you want one for Christmas.  Don’t forget to buy the correct adapter ring for all your lenses. And if you want to know exactly what filters we use and recommend for digital nature photography be sure to check out our new eBook on Essential Filters for Digital Nature Photography.

Cokin Z-Pro holder on the left, Cokin P-series holder on the right


9 Responses to “B+H has the Cokin Z-Holder in Stock”

  1. I bought a set a few years back…they do make a difference.


  2. I really like to have one And it is on my list, but in some case I used the Photoshop to add the effects.

  3. Doug Ward Says:

    How do the 2 ball heads compare? RRS and the other look good?

  4. Doug Ward Says:

    how do the 2 ball heads compare?

    • the RRS BH-55 is the best ball head on the market IMO!

      The acratech on the right is OK for lighter cameras and is decent value but it won’t hold my 1ds Mark III solid.


      • Darwin, I have been considering getting an Acratech because of it’s weight. The heads are rated at ~11 kg. In what situations do you find the camera moving? Thanks. -Ray

      • They will hold the EOS-1ds and a 24-70mm but if you plop on a 70-200 f2.8, the head sags a bit so you have to compensate by starting your composition a bit high so the head sags into the place you want it to be. The RRS head does not do this.

  5. Ah, now I understand. Thanks, Darwin!

  6. Darwin, The Lee filter holder also works with the Cokin Z size filters, it’s a bit more money, but in stock at TCS. Lee’s wide angle adapter ring is offset and keeps the filter holder closer to the lens, kind of a nice feature as well.

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