Travel Photographer of the Year 2010 – Larry Louie!

I am super thrilled to share the great news that my friend Larry Louie of Edmonton, Alberta has just grabbed the prestigious title of Travel Photographer of the Year for 2010! Congratulations Larry! Larry is a great guy who I first met when I was a member of Images Alberta Camera Club in Edmonton. Larry has long inspired me with his fine art photography but over the last few years his B+W travel work has garnered a lot of deserved recognition. Larry lends a fresh eye to oft-photographed travel themes and it’s his personal vision which likely appealed to the TPOTY judges. And best of all, Larry is part of SEVA Canada – an international non-governmental organization whose mission is the elimination of preventable and treatable blindness around the world. Click on the photo below to check out Larry’s winning portfolio and all the other winners!

©Larry Louie


6 Responses to “Travel Photographer of the Year 2010 – Larry Louie!”

  1. Is fist met like a fist bump or did you knock him out? – Sorry but I couldn’t resist on that typo.

    Congrats to Larry.

  2. That is the reason why I need an editor for my blog 😉


  3. It looks like some of the images are either shot with an infrared converted camera or post processed for the effect. It’s a good choice, as it isolates the subjects in the few images. Inspiring work, from an inspiring friend. Thanks for sharing this Darwin.

  4. Fantastic post 🙂

  5. Larry is indeed a master of light. Very captivating images and well deserved honor.

  6. Another feather in the cap for Canada…great work Louie and congratulations on earning this prestigious title!

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