In Memory of Rick Danko

Today is the anniversary of the death of Rick Danko, bassist for The Band. Rick died December 10, 1999. One of my favorite songs is The Band’s  “It Makes no Difference” sung by Rick.

Licensed from Wikimedia Commons


7 Responses to “In Memory of Rick Danko”

  1. Thanks, Darwin, for this. I followed the link to the video, then spent the better part of last hour chain-watching more vids (and listening to the music) of The Band, with such guests as Eric Clapton and Neil Young. Took me back to a place and time, long before the grey hair, the wrinkled skin. and the aching body, when musicians worked hard, played hard, and made honest music. Great way to end a hectic week, with fond, though melancholy, memories.

  2. Judy Windsor Says:

    My favorite song of all time is “The Weight”!

  3. Very nice song…

  4. Thanks for that memory Darwin 🙂 I will pay tribute by playing their Greatest Hits album this morning – also one of my favorite bands, EVER! Rock on!!

  5. Thanks for the blast from the past Darwin. The Last Waltz is probably in my All Time Top 5 Albums!

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