Photo Inspirations – Light From Above

©Ian Plant

Canon 5D Mark II, 100-400mm lens, ISO 100, f/13, 1/500 second

During a very cold, clear night in the Grand Tetons, a layer of inversion fog formed over the flats to the east of the mountains. Everywhere the fog drifted, the landscape was touched with frost, turning trees into living ice sculptures. I photographed sunrise and kept shooting for another hour, at which point the sun rose high enough to burn away the fog. I was about ready to end my morning session when I came upon a low, steep hill that still had mist clinging to its western slope. The sun suddenly cleared the top of the hill, sending scattered beams of light through the breaking fog. I quickly set up my camera and tripod, just in time to snap a few frames before the sunbeams disappeared. To me, this is what nature photography is all about: those fleeting moments when an otherwise mundane scene is transformed into something sublime. ~ ian plant


7 Responses to “Photo Inspirations – Light From Above”

  1. An amazing shot! Like the edge of an explosion of starlight.
    Refreshingly unique.

  2. Fantastic, Ian! So many of my experiences like this come as you described — at what I thought was the tail end of a photography outing. When we’re not in a rush and patiently keep looking and exploring, sometimes something fabulous like this is revealed…

  3. A great image from Ian, it seems other worldly.

  4. Splendid shot, Ian! It’s a good think that you waited, you’re patient pay off.

  5. Absolutely beautiful moment! You really got a great one here!

  6. That is such an amazing shot! Great story, too.

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