The Many Faces of Samantha

Back in March Samantha and I went into the studio with Scott Dimond to play with Scott’s ring flash. Samantha provided the entertainment. Face number 5 is the face I see whenever I leave the toilet seat up!

©Darwin Wiggett

9 Responses to “The Many Faces of Samantha”

  1. These are great!! I love the emotions in Sam’s eyebrows in every pic !! 🙂

  2. Byron Robb Says:

    Re: Face nimber 5. Why can’t women just be happy that we bothered to lift the seat in the first place?

  3. Fun! I’d pick #4 as the face of someone who has just unknowingly sat down on a toilet with the seat left up. 😉

  4. Sam must have very strong eye muscle. I cannot pull my eyes inward like #3. Shadow behind Sam is totally disappeared. Did you do something special to avoid red-eye?

    • Ring lights are mostly shadowless and cause no red eye. Darwin

      • I think red-eye is a problem of the ring light since the light and lens are really close. I attended Rolando Gomez’s lecture and he talked about lighting techniques to avoid red-eye caused by a ring light but I can not recall details of what he talked about. I wish I could try ring light on day but before that I have to buy a SLR camera….

  5. Enough is enough! When you come to my house and use the facilities, you will find the seat UP. If I must assume the seated position to…void, I will lower said seat on my way down. However, the standing position being the most frequently employed, I find it a bother to have to bend over to lower the seat then return to the upright position in order to complete the task at hand. Men, don’t be fooled, women will intentionally wet their bottoms when faced with a raised seat for the sole purpose of giving us heck! (please see photo #7)

  6. Almost forgot about that shoot and Sam’s entertaining poses. Cool! BTW, the risk of red eye increase as the distance from the subject increases as the light become more on axis. For those interested, this was the ring flash we were using:

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