Weekly Photo – December 24

On December 21, I was lucky enough to go out with my camera to be treated to both a stunning sunrise and a dramatic sunset. In the morning I grabbed the camera as I went out the door to walk the dog because the sky looked promising. I snapped the image below along the Bow River in Cochrane, Alberta (Canon Rebel T2i and the Sigma 8-16mm super wide at 8mm, 2 seconds at f11, ISO 100).

©Darwin Wiggett

Later that afternoon, I saw chinook clouds forming and guessed that a big sunset might happen. So I drove out to McDougall Church at Morley at sunset to be treated to a big under-lit chinook arch. How lucky! This image is a sky stitch of two images to make a big square ulta-wide image (Rebel T21, Sigma 8-16mm lens, f8).


©Darwin Wiggett

If you had a lucky day in 2010 and got an image you like head over to Visual Wilderness and enter our year-end photo contest for a chance to win a Singh-Ray Vari-N-Trio filter (deadline Dec, 31, 2010). Happy holidays to everyone!


13 Responses to “Weekly Photo – December 24”

  1. I could only enjoy that sunset from my car stuck on the highway. Great shot and Merry Christmas, dude 😀

  2. Merry Christmas and all the best to you, Sam and Brando for the new year ahead!

  3. Wow, I’ll say! Just beautiful!

    Happy Holidays to you, too, Darwin! I hope the new year brings you many, many photo opportuniies as well as joy, happiness and peace! 🙂

  4. Great the way the sky mirrors the snow or land in both of these. Happy Holidays.

  5. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2011 Sam and Darwin! Happy shooting!

  6. Happy Holidays to you and yours Darwin! Thanks for all the great posts in 2010!

    Fantastic shots, BTW. The Sigma 8-16mm in on my short list of must have lenses. Looks like it pairs well with the T2i.

  7. Just goes to show, if you are a good photographer you can capture great images in your back yard so to speak.

    Good job Darwin.

  8. Definitely beautiful shots, perfect, happy holidays to you too 🙂

  9. On the sunrise shot above, what do you focus on to get everything from the foreground to the background sharp? I assume you put the lens in manual focus but I’m not sure exactly where I should be focusing?

  10. Nice ‘snaps’ Darwin!

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