Good Photos in Bad Light eBook

I just created a free eBook over at Visual Wilderness about tips and techniques for making good photos in bad light. Click on the photo below if you are interested in downloading the eBook.

Note: Visual Wilderness is no longer active, to get the ebook please go to this link:


17 Responses to “Good Photos in Bad Light eBook”

  1. I am interested in the e-book but when I click on the download link it loads up the PDF but there is no way to save it – at least I can’t find a way? Forgive me if it is something I’m not seeing? I’m using Google Chrome as a browser – perhaps that is the problem? The same thing happened on one of Sam’s free PDF’s a while back and I never solved how to save that one either. Cheers and thanks in any case for the opportunity to learn.

  2. Hi Darwin:

    Many thanks for this fun e-book. I love all your stuff, so keep it coming!

    Also, I saw that you use a Canon 5DM2 with Sigma lenses. Do you not use Canon lenses?

    And finally, I was able to download the book and save it to my E-book folder on my HD.


  3. I do not own a Canon 5d Mark II. I use a Canon Rebel T2i and a Canon 1ds Mark III. I use Canon Tilt-shift lenses and Sigma zoom lenses.


  4. Yes, right clicking on the link works – sign me sheepish – I promise I’m better with cameras šŸ™‚ Thanks very much for the guidance, computers and photography!

  5. Thank you so much Darwin. There are some great tricks and techniques here! Definitely so much more than just a “bad light” book!

  6. Oops, sorry. I saw the Mark and didn’t focus on the rest.

  7. Great book. I wish I had seen it last June as I photographed Banff during a week of overcast skies. I’m ready for the next time!

  8. Thank you for the tips, I’ve downloaded it and it will sure come in handy

  9. Good stuff, Darwin, with great reminders for us who tend to forget the power of the polarizer!

  10. Very nice e-book! I posted a link to it and your blog in microstock newsgroup (… just had to share… hope they don’t crash your server!:)

  11. Thank you for this gift, Darwin. Your e-book is full of excellent information for the beginner and excellent reminders for those more advanced. Great stuff.

  12. […] Free Ebook – Good Photos in Bad Light: Nature and Landscape Photographer and Author Darwin Wiggett released this free eBook chocked full of helpful tips, astonishing photographs and filter information. I learned how to use a neutral density filter in an interesting way and I’m looking forward to getting out and testing some of these techniques with my camera! This eBook is definitely more about making the most out of overcast skies than dreary interiors. […]

  13. The ebook has vanished. The doc does not show when i click the photo. Can you please put it again.

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