Inspirations – Horse Creek Road by Kevin McElheran

Every Wednesday and Sunday for 2011, I plan to feature a photo from photographers that really inspires me. I was about to go on-line trolling for some images for today when I got an email from Kevin McElheran telling me he was in my neck of the woods and that he had just made a shot of Horse Creek Road north of Cochrane. Lately a Chinook has come through and it has been crazy windy and cloudy. Undeterred by the ‘boring’ light and the stormy winds, Kevin made this image below with his 5D Mark II and a 70-200mm lens at 1/60th of a second. Just goes to show you that good photos can be made in bad  light!

©Kevin McElheran


8 Responses to “Inspirations – Horse Creek Road by Kevin McElheran”

  1. Oh ya! This photo has impact! This inspires me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a fantastic image! Kevin has so many amazing photos throughout his portfolio.

  3. Nice image by Kevin, I keep waiting for the alien spacecraft to materialize on the road.

  4. Thanks for the spotlight again Darwin! I read your article on taking photos in bad/grey light and because of that I now take my camera with me everywhere. It’s rare for me to be working in your ‘neck of the woods’ in the middle of nowhere and it is such a pleasure to just drive out in this wonderful area and not be bogged down with traffic. The landscape is wonderful and photo opps are everywhere!

  5. What’s your definition of bad light ? 🙂

    Beautiful image btw.

  6. “Bad” light as I mentioned above was loosely said as any light from star light to full intense high sun and everything in between is usable. We often wish for ideal lighting situations and will limit ourselves to what we can do based on our idealisms.

  7. Gorgeous image Kevin. Nicely seen. The long exposure really makes it.

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