The Weekly Photo – Jan 10, 2011

Samantha Chrysanthou, Wayne Simpson, Mark and Leslie Degner, Andy Simpson, Royce Howland and a few other friends spent some time with me this last weekend at Aurum Lodge with our amazing hosts Alan and Madeleine Ernst. We got together for a wee celebration and a little photography around Abraham Lake. Even though the weather was cloudy and it was windy there were plenty of opportunities to make good images. Check out this killer shot that Wayne got! Personally, I shot very little and mostly had a well-needed vacation but I did do some film shooting for Fabulous Film Fridays. Here is a shot of Abraham Lake from last year under similar weather conditions.

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon EOS-1ds Mark III, TSE 17mm lens


10 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – Jan 10, 2011”

  1. I certainly need a wrap, can feel the cold 🙂 Good one Darwin.

  2. So, Darwin, was the image taken from a boat? Or from the ground of the backyard?
    The view is AMAZING and looks real cold….

  3. Great shot, but the one from Wayne Simpson is indeed a killer shot!

    • I agree, Wayne’s is a top drawer image and better yet it is his own vision and voice. Just goes to show that if you are shooting from the heart you can make images with personal expression even in often photographed spots, like Preacher’s Point. Darwin

  4. Great foreground here Darwin.I really like the “crack” in the snow. I also hope you enjoyed your little vacation!

    Wayne’s shot is amazing and like you say, is a great example how each photographer can photograph the same scene in their own style. Wayne said on his blog: “My goal on this outing was to do my best to work with the inspiration Darwin has given me while making the shot my own.” I think he definitely accomplished that!

  5. I’m curious, Darwin. The horizon line between the lake and the mountain looks curved to me, higher at the edges of the picture than in the centre. Is that an effect of the lens you used or something else? I like both your shot and Wayne’s.

  6. Those cracks are awesome–they really help ground the composition. The cool thing is that the prominent cracks lead the eye to the less obvious peaks in the distance while the less prominent cracks lead you to the already obvious peaks. In a very subtle way our eyes are guided around the image in a way that allows us to enjoy the entire scene…very cool!

    I wondered why I had so many people commenting on my blog!… thanks for helping me share my image Darwin!

  7. Another spectacular shot 🙂

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