Michael Gordon and Darwin Wiggett on Smibs TV

Today at 2:30 MST  (Jan 18) fine art photographer Michael Gordon and yours truly (beer and bathroom photographer) will be on Smibs TV – Fine Art Photography Weekly for a chat about well… who knows?? Actually I wonder why I am on a fine art photography show? Maybe I’ll be straight man for Michael Gordon’s wicked sense of humor.  When Michael Gordon is involved, things tend to go in directions that are on no map. Check it out here or watch it a later date (if it’s not censored and if I survive!).

For a taste of Mr. Gordon watch this:


6 Responses to “Michael Gordon and Darwin Wiggett on Smibs TV”

  1. That was fantastic!! I could watch Darwin TV everyday 🙂
    Thanks for sharing – you offered a lot of good info and I had some really good laughs! Like I said, I could do that everyday!

    • Hi Quincey, is regular TV that bad that even I can be entertaining??

      Thanks for watching, that means there was at least one person watching that I did not have to bribe!


  2. HI Darwin: I had a really great time and good laughs! We need to arrange a drink-up with Peter! 🙂

    Thanks for posting the video. Now no one will take me seriously (not that anyone ever did!) 🙂

  3. I’m sorry I missed this but I hope it will be in the archives soon.

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