Lenses For Sale

Hey all here a a couple of used lenses for sale:

Wayne Simpson is selling his Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS Version I lens. Sweet deal for a killer lens! Contact him directly for more information (just click on the lens link – note: this lens is now sold – Jan 19)

I have a Tamron 180mm f3.5 macro lens for sale. This lens is very sharp (as sharp as my Canon 70-200 f4L). It is a wonderful macro lens offering a narrow angle of view (great for controlling backgrounds) and gives plenty of working distance between the lens and the subject (great for butterflies and frogs). Like most Tamron lenses the auto-focus is a bit sluggish but personally I never use auto-focus for critical macro work anyway so this was never an issue for me. This lens is no longer made but has gotten really good reviews – see here and here. If you want the advantage of the benefits of a long macro lens, consider this lens (it’s a Canon mount and works with both full frame and APS-sized Canon cameras).

I will sell this for a song (and some cash!) — $500 CAN (plus GST or HST as applicable – includes shipping in Canada). This is the lowest price for this lens I have seen on the net. First dibs go to a Canadian sale. I will consider a US sale only if no Canadian buys it (c’mon Canada!). Contact me at wiggett@telusplanet.net to buy. This is the bottom line price, don’t insult me by offering me two songs and a case of beer (I am not that easy!). This lens is now sold – Jan 20th.

Tamron 180mm f3.5 macro lens

©Darwin Wiggett - using the Tamron 180mm macro lens


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