On Working Together

In 2010, Samantha and I worked together on a number of collaborative ventures. We found we made a great team and this year we are planning a whole lot more things to do together. Who says couples can’t successfully combine work and love? To see just how great we get along watch the video below:


10 Responses to “On Working Together”

  1. Even if you guys weren’t messing around, I’d still say thats pretty good for a couple working together, lol.

  2. jackvjohnson Says:

    Darwin, the most important lesson I’ve learned in nearly 30 years of marriage is this:
    Ain’t Mama happy, ain’t _nobody_ happy!

    So I’d say just let Sam get in front of you to shoot, while you stand there and enjoy the view…

    – Jack

  3. was that a “crack” that I heard when your tripod fell? Aww gee, new camera?!?

  4. A happy wife is a happy life. Give Sam the tripod and her space!!!

    I have learned this in 40 years of marriage. But then again I have the 5D Mark 2 and my great wife has the S95. BUR, I would trade with her in a heartbeat if she wanted to šŸ™‚

  5. You guys are cute together….what an inspiration you both must be to fuel your fires!!!!!!

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