Fabulous Film Fridays – January 21, 2011

©Darwin Wiggett - Linhof 6x12 Panorama Camera

I shot the photo above with Linny, my Linhof 6×12 Technorama 6×12 PC II (sound impressive eh?). The camera takes medium format film and gives a negative or slide that is 6×12 cm in size. So technically, it’s a panorama camera that uses a pretty big chunk of film. The Linhof has interchangeable lenses but I only have the 80mm lens which is like using a 28mm wide angle lens on a 35mm camera and cropping from the top and bottom (or the sides in the case of a vertical photo). I used Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film for this 15 second shot at f32. Velvia turns really blue under twilight  exposures but I think the blue enhances the mood of the photo. I scanned the image into digital form using an Imacon FlexTight Photo slide scanner. I tried to match the digital version you see here with what the slide looks like on the light table. Long live Velvia!


18 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays – January 21, 2011”

  1. Fabulous film, as the title says …

    Thank’s for this new and interesting project and congrats for you work.

  2. Did you do any more tweaking in post prod Darwin? I guess you added some tonal contrast?
    It is almost ENLIGHTENING to see a ‘one shot, no HDR’ snow scene. It’s like an ‘Oooooh this is what snow looks like on film’-moment.

    Great shot btw. Love the not so every day format. 6×12 cm negative. Damn I can only imagine the amount of detail you are able to see on that thing.
    It’s like a gazillion megapixels. Making my head spin. 😉

    • Hi Olivier,

      I scanned in the slide and then dust-spotted the scan. The scans come in a bit flat so I added a curve in Photoshop to make the image look the way it does on the light-table. For posting on the web I added a little tonal contrast in Nik color Efex. I use tonal contrast and my way of sharpening for the web.


  3. Very, very cool. That blue tone really does stand out here, I like it. I really like the cropped frame as well. I’m enjoying these Fabulous Film Fridays. Can’t wait for the rest! JL

  4. I do not know why, but I like the tiny moon in cold winter sky. I guess Linny can take only 8 frames from 120 film??, but still great photo! I can not wait next Friday.

    • Hi Hiro,

      the reason I made a vertical composition was to get that little moon in the frame so thanks for noticing!

      Linny takes only six shots with 120 film or 12 shots with 220 film… so you gotta make each shot count!


  5. Hey Darwin. I have another question.

    How do you measure light when you go out shooting with Linny? Is it ‘as simple’ as shooting the scene with your DSLR and derive some sort of middle exposure setting for the scene at a given aperture and ‘dial’ that into Linny?
    Or did you use a spot meter or incident meter?
    Where would you have metered this scene if you used a spot meter? On the snow and add 2 stops?

    Just wondering because in digital it’s just a matter of ‘turning some dials until the histogram looks good’ 🙂



    • I use an incident light meter which measures the amount of light falling on the subject. In this photo I held my light meter in the same plane as the scene and used that exposure as a base. Often I will also take one extra image at 1/2 stop darker to give me more saturated colours (like you see here). I never use a spot meter. Darwin

  6. Very cool, and a beautiful shot! I’m thinking the vertical “pano” format would make for an interesting 3+ panel series (making a horizontal pano) flat mounted (no frame) and hung close together. Am I crazy? 😉

  7. Mike Ferron Says:

    I remember when all you shot was velvia. Digital was flat looking. Remember? 🙂

  8. Mike Ferron Says:

    PS I got brave and developed my own E6 at home. First film was a dud but the 2nd film was superb. It’a a fair amount of work and not overly cost effective but hey i’ve got that feather under my cap. ;0

  9. Long live Velvia!

    Amen. I shooting nothing but film, primarily Velvia; with a little VS100 thown in for good measure. I’m a fan of the 6×12 format as well, but I shoot mine on a Chamonix 45-N1 with the Horseman 6×12 back (so, I shoot both 4×5 and 6×12). Great to see this post; especially, since it’s about film.

  10. I love this new project. THis is so beautiful and I love how you captured the moon in the scene.

  11. Wow! This is a fabulous shot! Looks soooo cool! 😀

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