Inspirations – Marion Faria

©Marion Faria

I took this on a freezing cold afternoon at dusk at Ponagansett Dam. The sun was behind the spillway of the dam but shrouded in clouds so it gave me a nice even light. I used my Canon 70-200mm f4L with 4 stop ND as I sat in 2 feet of snow because I wanted to shoot from a low angle. I watched the ice covered rocks with water spilling onto them… and I was looking for the right feel of rock and water. It’s strange, but when I shoot, it seems I’m always waiting for the right ‘feeling’ about a composition coming together. And then something just clicks  while I am composing… something inside me says: yes, “this is what you want”.

I liked the way this image came together that day; it just felt right…the only thing I had to do as far as editing was to give it a slight blue tone. marion faria


5 Responses to “Inspirations – Marion Faria”

  1. Fantastic shot!

  2. Beautiful lines…you’ve managed to create a lovely abstract in this natural setting.

  3. Magical. The color tone really works. Such a beautiful scene!

  4. yardstick Says:

    I really like this image. The toning is appropos to a cold weather scene.

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