Inspirations – Burnt Trees and Shadows on Snow by William Neill

Burnt Trees and Shadows on Snow

© William Neill

Camera: Wista 45 View Camera
Lens: Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f/5.6

“The big Yellowstone fire of 1989 both killed these lodge pole pines and made sculptures of them. The winter snows provided a backdrop for the interplay of trees and shadows. As I worked in thigh-deep snow, I moved from side to side to find a spacing that created tension between the lines of the trees and shadows.” ~excerpt from “Landscapes of the Spirit” by william neill


6 Responses to “Inspirations – Burnt Trees and Shadows on Snow by William Neill”

  1. Lovely. The blues on the snow create a nice duotone. I went the other way, looking to make it cleaner still with B&W. My wife liked the blue though.

    You mentioned the challenge of finding the spot that increased the tension, but since you were in a burned out forest, you didn’t have to struggle to find a “clean” shot without distracting branches, shrubs and scrub. A ladder makes a great tool as it helps you get higher, and also provides your friends with endless stories about you trudging through the woods with a ladder. 🙂 I like to take my little 4 step folding aluminum ladder into the woods over Carp Ridge. Now I’m not saying you take it on a 4 day trek into the mountains, but give it a try and you’d be amazed at how simple it is to get a cleaner perspective, just by changing your height.

  2. I really like the soft curves of the shadows…adds an organic element to what could simply appear to be a modern abstract.

  3. The lines are just beautiful!

  4. A beautiful abstract and the toning fits like a glove.

  5. I love all of these inspirations images. Amazing. This one is so graphic and simple and powerful.

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