Weekly Photo – January 24, 2011


©Darwin Wiggett

As a break from winter images I thought I would show this image taken from the West Opabin Trail in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. I liked the way the sun was filtering along the path and used my Canon 17mm TS-E lens to capture the moment. The shift feature allowed me to keep the tree trunks straight up and down. The image is a combination of Photomatix HDR with some hand-blending in Photoshop. I kept the lens flare in the photo on purpose because I liked the effect. The second image below was done exactly the same way and was taken just a bit further up the path. I could not decide which image I like best and so included them both.

©Darwin Wiggett


10 Responses to “Weekly Photo – January 24, 2011”

  1. I like the top one – it just blew me away!! Gorgeous! — Marilyn

  2. The second photo seems to be about the forest and the path and maybe the interesting shape of the roots as the foreground.

    The first tells something about the tree and its surroundings. It is clearer what the subject is. It’s good to see the connection between the roots and the tree. I also like the light better, so for me it’s obvious what the better photo is 🙂

    Best regards,

  3. I prefer the second image, though I can’t tell you why. And I love the light!

  4. Colorblindxs2 Says:

    Wonderfully Displaying both sides of Nature, Darwin

  5. I love how the sunlight come through the trees, and indeed the lens flare is not disturbing here. I just wonder, how would you get rid of it if you decided it bothers you? I sometimes struggle with that.

  6. Because you use 17mm T-SE have you bought the LEE SW150 filter holder or have you heard any user comments about it? I know this question is a bit off topic but I was just wandering. I prefer the first picture and it is because of the foreground tree.

  7. I prefer the first as the second one has that arrow at the bottom that, to me, looks too contrived.

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