A Few Good Links

Here are a few interesting links that I found to be good reading or good watching:

Cole Thompson – There’s No Substitute for Great Composition

Scott Dimond – Canon Users – Don’t Use Mirror Lockup!

Samantha Chrysanthou – Why Isn’t Photography Art

Still Motion – click on the cinema link on this page for the best wedding videos I have seen!

An amazing stop-motion video – 16 millions views can’t be wrong

Doug Menuez – Copyright Rant No.2

Guy Tal – Teach Yourself Photography in 80 Years

The LensWork Technology Blog

8 Responses to “A Few Good Links”

  1. Hi Darwin, thanks for the links. I wonder if you could give me another link…this time to your paper that discusses ETTR. I came across a reference to it via Dave du Chemin but now can’t find it. I’m particularly interested in dealing with colour shifts in post and how you handle that.

  2. Some very interesting links
    I enjoyed the stop motion film, Copyright Rant and the Printing vs resolution article. Pretty useful even in my domain of graphic design.

  3. I agree – very good links! Thanks.

  4. mikegaudaur Says:

    I have been following your career and learning from you nearly two decades. First in Photo Life mag, and now on line. Thanks for consistently providing great tips and awesome images. I have added you to my blogroll on my new blog.

  5. Every photographer should read the Copyright Rant.

  6. Darwin:

    Great stuff, as usual!

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