Inspirations – Glen Wexler

© Glen Wexler

Nikon camera, Kodachrome 25 film, the exposures typically ranged from 1/4 to 1 second

This image was created in 1977 while studying at Art Center College of Design. The project was an experimental fine art series that incorporated cutting edge (at the time) computer controlled laser light. The idea was to use emerging technology to express the most basic principal of photography, which is the recording of light over a measured period of time.

If I were making these images today I would probably look at the image quality with a Hasselblad H4 and Imacon digital back. The immediate feedback would be beneficial. I’m not sure if the laser light would react the same with a digital sensor, but at the very least it would eliminate a degree of trail and error with dialing in the exposure and light pattern. I think that I would probably test the exposures digitally and shoot 4×5 film as well.

At the time, these experiments were important to my visual development in that they helped to define the use of technology as vehicle for illustration. This controlled recording of light was specifically important to understand as a photographic illustrator, which is the direction I took with my work. ~Glen Wexler


One Response to “Inspirations – Glen Wexler”

  1. I like it! Laser enhanced. Love your work, BTW. I work for CA (have for many years) so I’ve seen your stuff in the magazine.

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